My limited edition prints are now available! 

So excited to finally be able to see my artwork beautifully printed in poster size, simply because this is really a work of love and I'm putting time and dedication to finally tell my stories with a voice that is completely mine. 

I am grateful for all the experience that I built in years collaborating with so many extraordinary artists and I like that in every brushstroke of mine I find something I learnt during my journey as a comics colorist and background painter. Well, this "illustration journey" was always calling and I felt it was the right moment for me to give it a chance to flourish and have a proper place among my professional activities; now that all that is flowing out so naturally, I just want to go on exploring Myths, the Feminine, Psychology, Aesthetics, Color and all those ancient stories that resonate with all of us at archetypical levels.

With your support and sharing I'll be able to create more time and space for my visions.

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YOU CAN ORDER limited edition prints poster size of my art HERE