"Dragonero" Special is out in stores!

This is the cover I colored for "Dragonero" Special on beautiful lineart by Nicola Mari. This special issue is out in stores today July the 10th. If you like, go get your copy!

I totally enjoy painting covers and telling a whole story with color in one picture; in the years I've colored many of them for different publishers, always in couple with amazing and amazingly different artists and that gave me the chance to do a LOT of experience with various styles. The hardest work is finding the "right measure" each time: not too many brushstrokes, hues, saturation, contrast in values and not too few of everything. If you give a quick look at my covers gallery you can suddenly feel these differences from pece to piece.

If you want to learn more about how to color a comics cover art and paint a cover step by step with my support, I created a cover painting tutorial available that includes a professional lineart by top artist Raul Cestaro to do your trials and errors and complete your own version of the cover. Or multiple versions! Why not? :) You can include your finished painted cover in your portfolio of course!
Or... just have fun with it!